Merriwood Christian Camp
Saturday, March 25, 2017

Summer Camp

Online registration for Summer Camp 2017 is now available!  Please click the green REGISTER NOW link to the top, right of this screen.


We are a summer youth camp offering unique, challenging programming for rising 1st graders through rising college freshmen, both for individuals and youth coming as a group.

We offer two Day Camp Weeks for rising 1st-4th graders, three Junior Weeks for rising 4th-6th graders, three Middle Schools Weeks for rising 7th-9th graders, and one Teen Week for rising 10th through rising college freshmen.   At MCC, we make every effort to make sure each camper has a safe and positive experience. MCC's Summer Camp Program is designed to fit the needs and interests of each particular age group. Days are packed full of hands-on interactive games and challenges which  build character in a fun and exciting setting. The key to our program is integrating Christ-like values and character into a balance of spiritual instruction, fun & games, challenges, and quiet times of reflection and introspection.

At MCC, we believe every experience that the camper has is part of their learning process. The large group, speaker-led chapel is an important part of the camp experience, but by no means the only place we anticipate spiritual growth to take place. The speakers at Merriwood are energetic and challenging. They have a genuine concern and commitment to today's youth. The speakers challenge young people to make God's Word real in their lives, in a clear and understandable way. The camper then has the opportunity to live out the Christian life while learning new skills and interacting in cabin life. We hope you'll join us for a great time this summer!  

Exceptional Needs: 
We do not have certified nursing staff.  We are not a special needs camp, nor are we able to staff specifically for special needs. Although we try to accommodate as many campers as possible, we also have to look at each unique situation and make a decision in the best interest of the individual, the other campers as whole, and our staff's abilities. 
If your child has special social, emotional, medical, or behavioral, psychological needs, or out of the ordinary physical needs, or is not mainstreamed in a regular school classroom, please call the camp so we can complete an exceptional needs screening form before registering for a camp week.
Special needs include (but are not limited to) seizures, anxiety or panic attacks, depression, Diabetes, Autism Spectrum, gluten-free diet, life-threatening allergies, Sensory Processing Disorder, Oppositional Defiance Disorder, suicidal or homicidal, criminal acts, etc.
** Scholarship application also available on the 
online registration page by clicking on "Documents"


 Camper Testimonies:

"After just one week of camp, I saw just how much better my life would be knowing Christ."

"The friends and counselors at Merriwood have been there to answer all my questions and help me when I was questioning my faith."
"Merriwood has always been a place for me to escape from all distractions and really be able to feel the Lord's presence."


(All camps are co-ed)
- Register by February 1st, 2017 to receive $10 off your balance!
- Take advantage of third child (and beyond) discount of $75.-
- Churches - call for group rates!
(For rising 1st-4th graders)
Day Camp 1 -  June 12-16, 2017 *
Day Camp 2 - July 3-7, 2017
Rate: $225
(For rising 4th-6th graders)
1st Junior Week - June 19-24, 2017
2nd Junior Week - July 17-22, 2017
3rd Junior Week - August 7-12, 2017
Junior Week Rate:  $354

(For rising 7th-9th graders)
1st Middle School Week - June 26-July 1
Waiting list available online or by phone.)

2nd Middle School Week - July 24-29
Waiting list available online or by phone.) 

3rd Middle School Week - July 31-August 5
(Full for GIRLS.
Waiting list available online or by phone.)

Middle School Week Rate: $364


For rising 10th-Graduating Seniors
July 9-15, 2017
(Nearing full for Girls.)
Teen Week Rate:  $380
(Additional rates apply for some Expedition Day options.  See registration for details.)


 * WSFCS and Davie Co. Schools may have snow days into the 1st Day Camp Week. Refunds cannot be given to those who register for 1st Day Camp and then cancel due to school schedules.

** 2nd Middle School Week typically fills fast.  Please take this into consideration when planning registration.