Staff training for our counselors is vitally important. Counselors (and most support staff) are required to attend the two-week Staff Training beginning Sunday, May 26th, 2019 at 4:00 pm.  Then, we host 9 individual weeks of summer camp programming, followed by a weekend of wrap-up and debriefing. Departure time for staff will be Monday morning, August 12th, 2019.


Applicants are encouraged to complete their applications through our online form. We are still accepting applications for Summer Team 2019! At this point, 2/21/19, our main needs are Food Service Assistants, Video Production, and Counselors for Staff Kids, although we are still accepting applications for Girl Counselors and Guy Counselors as well.  We will continue to accept applications and proceed with the interview process after this date until all positions are filled.  If you have questions concerning this process,  please contact Jenn Key at, or 336-766-5151.


  1. CLICK HERE to access Online (first-time) application
  4. Complete online application form. Allow an hour or so to do this, or it will save for you if you need to return to it later.
  5. You will get an automatic email notification once you complete the application.
  6. We’ll begin to process your application including checking references and may potentially call you for an interview.  (We prefer in-person interviews or video chat interviews for applicants that we do not know personally. On-site interviews, if possible, also give the applicant an opportunity to view the facility and see if Merriwood is a good fit for them.)
  7. You may be called back for a second interview or follow up questions.
  8. You may be offered a job or contacted to let you know we do not have a position available for you at this time. (If you need an answer before you hear back from us, please contact us before making other decisions and we may be able to give you an idea where you stand in the process.)


  1. CLICK HERE to access Online Re-application
  3. Enter your Username and Password (which you had in the past). * If you cannot remember your password, please click “Forgot your login information?” on that screen
  4. Complete online re-application.  Should only take 20 minutes or so.
  5. You should receive a confirmation of your re-application.
  6. MCC staff will contact you to discuss the possibility of being on summer team again.


– Spiritually minded, loves the Lord, moral integrity, godly young person
– Energetic and enthusiastic, fun-loving, enduring, persevering
– Prompt, responsible, can make wise judgment calls
– Have gifts and abilities that would contribute to the camp’s program
– Have health and physical abilities to endure in active camp setting
– Willing to sacrifice their own desires for the summer
– Desire to be intentional with children and youth of all ages
– Take initiative with tasks, once they know what is expected of them


– Impact lives for eternity
– Be challenged and have opportunities to challenge others
– Get experience for working with young people
– Make memories that will last a lifetime!
– Weekly salary as well as room and board


MCC pays a weekly salary of $175 for college-aged summer staff.  In addition to this, MCC provides room and board. Anyone coming to work for the summer is asked to contact their church, friends, and relatives to ask them to pray for you, and support you financially. Merriwood realizes that this is a ministry position, and we suggest you raise an additional weekly salary (although this is not required). MCC will assist by providing sample support letters that staff are able to modify and send out.



Counselors will facilitate team building activities, teach skills classes, lead recreational games and activities, belay at the Climbing Wall, build personal relationships with campers, lead evening devotions, and intentionally challenge the youth in their relationship with Christ.  Counselors will stay in the cabins with campers each week and will work with different age groups (first grade through graduated seniors) throughout the summer. Counselors are required to be out of high school for at least one year.


Merriwood is seeking one Head Lifeguard (and five or so additional guards who will also counsel or do other roles).  The pool is one of the campers’ favorite places to be.  In addition to this, campers LOVE the BLOB and Water Trampoline on our lakefront.  Lifeguards will rotate between guarding at the lake and the pool.  The main lifeguard will also assist with facilitating the water competition at the pool. The main lifeguard may be responsible for keeping the pool clean by testing chemicals, vacuuming and cleaning daily, and adding chemicals as necessary.  Additional guards should be willing to potentially counsel and/or help in other areas of the camp as well.


Food service is an important part of the summer camp experience. The staff work together to prepare family style meals, serve the food during mealtimes, and clean-up from the meals.  We are seeking five or so food service assistants.  Food service assistants will also likely help with childcare of staff children. (Current High School Seniors and college students are welcome to apply for this role.)


The maintenance and grounds crew are responsible for mowing and weed-eating, keeping vending machines filled, setting up and lighting campfires, setting up for skills classes and some games, as well as minor maintenance responsibilities.  We are seeking two maintenance personnel. (Current High School Seniors and college students are welcome to apply for this role.)


The worship leader will lead the praise and worship part of the chapel services, vocally and/or instrumentally.  It’s not our desire that the worship leader PERFORM for our attendees, but it is our goal is that the campers and staff in attendance will be LED to worship the Lord themselves, in spirit and truth.  The worship leader should be someone who feels comfortable leading music for different age groups. It’s helpful if they are able to play an instrument such as guitar or keyboard.  The worship leader will emcee morning Bible Class and evening Chapel, transitioning from a songs, testimonies, dramas, etc.  The worship leader will have several other team members join them vocally and instrumentally.  (The worship leader should be willing to help in other areas of the camp in addition to planning the chapel sessions.)


The media person will be responsible for getting quality, unique footage of campers throughout the week.  The videographer will edit the footage to create a video for campers to refer back to for many years to come! Merriwood provides a video camera, drone, and other equipment to facilitate the production of the weekly video. There is flexibility in what program is used for editing. Please feel free to contact us for more details!


Merriwood is seeking a few staff members who would share the role of watching staff children (ages 2-11). Typically, the staff children counselors rotate their times between working in the kitchen, counseling the staff kids, helping at the pool, belaying at the climbing wall, and helping with care packages.  Staff childcare providers should be creative, enjoy children, and be able to structure the time they have with the children using the vast array of activities available through the camp setting to make the day active and enjoyable for the children.  (Current High School Seniors and college-age students are welcome to apply for this role.)


The photographer will be responsible for taking photos daily of campers throughout activities, showing a good representation of the camp day and experience.  The photographer will upload a group of photos each night that parents can access through their account. The photographer will also take cabin pictures each week, edit them, and order them for campers to take home at the end of the week.  The photographer will assist with other support staff tasks as they are able.
The sound technician will make sure the sound, microphones, power point, and necessary production things are in place before each session begins. The sound person will run sound and Pro Presenter for the morning Bible Class as well as evening Chapel. (This is not a stand-alone position. The sound technician should expect to combine this role with another role at Merriwood.)

I will always remember growing in my faith while getting the blessing of helping others grow in their faith. This summer was uplifting and was SUCH a blessing.

I will always remember getting to witness my campers give their hearts to the Lord and all the friends I made who encouraged me daily and helped me grow in my own faith.

It has always been a dream of mine to be a staff member here